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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 21, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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slow traffic there as well, let's go to steve. cool and clear breezy for some, upper 50s and 60s, any rain on the way? we will have that coming up on mornings on 2. breaks news from the gambling capital, a live shooting we are getting new information. new information on the case with oscar pistorius and why the judge suddenly left the courtroom, stay right here with us.
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. breaking news from las vegas. three people are dead in a rolling gun battle down the strip. >> >> where seafood fraud is running rampant. why pregnant mothers should be especially concerned. >> a man accused of killing a fairfield teen heads to court this morning. just hours before a memorial for the girl is held. >> the homeless have set up a huge tent city. they keep growing near the san jose airport. what the city plans to do. mornings on two starts now.
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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday february 21st. breaking news from las vegas. three people are dead and three are hurt after a gun battle between two cars right on the las vegas strip. you are looking at live pictures of las vegas boulevard at flamingo road where the shooting happened this morning. people in two cars exchanged gun fire before one of the cars hit a taxi cab. the taxi burst into flames killing the driver and the passenger. the driver of the car was also killed. three other cars were involved in the wreck and as the camera pans out you can see traffic at a halt at that intersection. no traffic at all getting through that area. again breaking news from las
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vegas. three people killed in a rolling gun battle on the las vegas strip. stay bus for continuing coverage. and dramatic new twists in the blade runner case over night. the bail hearing just ended in the past hour. the judge abruptly adjourned for the day blaming administrative duties. the prosecutor is a accused of being someone bent on violence looking to kill his girlfriend. the defense said he is an honorable man being persecuted. we will have a live report from outside the courtroom on why the lead investigator has been dumped. >> and as you were speaking they just named a new lead investigator in that case. time is 7:02. it's something seafood lovers don't want to hear. we are live at fisherman's wharf with this investigation
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showing you may not be getting what you think you paid for. >> reporter: one of the things this new study revealed was that some restaurants are putting shark meat into fish tacos, it can often contain high levels of mercury linked to birth defects. volunteers used dna testing kits on more than 1200 fish from nearly 700 retail outlets, grocery stores and sushi bars throughout the united states between 2010 and 2012. they found that a third of seafood sold nationwide and 40% of the fish bought in northern california was not what it was said to be. san francisco, monterey and los angeles were among the offenders. the watch dog didn't reveal the locations of where this seafood was sold but they did say restaurants were the biggest offenders selling miss identified fish nearly 60% of the time. that is as opposed to grocery
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stores where it happened less than half that much. miss branding food is illegal but in most case there is is no way to know if the fish you are eating what they say it is. california law lets 13 species of rock fish to be sold as snapper but the fda guidelines only allow for one. how do the famous salmon stack up? we he will find out in our next half hour and we did just get off the phone with oceana and will tell you what they had to say about this brand new study. live from san francisco, ktvu. >> thank you. we are following overnight news from berkeley. a reported barricade situation near the cal campus appears to have been a false alarm. swat teams were called to a home at addison and jefferson last night. police immediately shut down streets after getting reports of a manholed up inside the house and several neighbor its even reported hearing gun fire.
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police left the scene around midnight after concluding nobody was inside the home and it's still not clear what caused the confusion. >> the issue of homeless camps in san jose is a big one. the growing tent city is near the airport. what they may soon do. >> reporter: it's gotten light and you can see how many tents are out here. right behind me in this grassy field you can see tents clustered around this tree and if you move over here to the left you can see just how many more tent there is are under each tree and there in the distance we have seen this -- looks like some sort of city or county vehicle with a clean up crew that's picking up trash unsure if that -- they routinely do that or if they are here specifically but moving across the street you can see how many other tents are there in the distance. you know we have been told that the number of tents has grown
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to around 70. the housing department is worried that more and more homeless will feel comfortable setting up here along spring street near the san jose airport. it's already starting to look like a campground sot housing department has told the city council that action needs to be taken. they are planning to clear the camp the first week of march. they are worried about trash collecting and public safety. people who drive by every day are concerned. >> it's terrible that this kind of situation like this. i cannot afford to see them like -- especially in the cold weather. yeah, but i don't know what's going to be our government -- can do or help them you know. >> reporter: there has been several clean ups in the last year. done by the city but they can cost upwards of $20,000 a day. one of the problems that happen social security that the homeless end up moving back in after the clean up or just move to another location along the
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creek bed. you are looking at a live picture of all the tents set up here near spring street. it's between heading and taylor. a lot of the homeless have been sleeping here all morning. we are seeing some are starting to wake up. it appears one man near that tree, you can see maybe a little over to the left is brushing his teeth. we are hoping to speak with some of them about what their plan is next but really the city wants to try to come up with a long term solution. coming up in the next hour we hope to have an answer from city officials over how they think this clean up is going to be different. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2news. >> the vice president taking part in a gun violence conference. just a couple miles away from the site of the sandy hook shooting. here is a look at some of the pictures of the panel there. the vice president will be speaking at this conference along with the parents of a child, a girl killed at sandy
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hook. again this conference taking place at western connecticut state university. we have not seen the vice president yet this morning but we know he will be there. the panel discussions will be focusing on ways to reduce gun violence, protect children and make communities safer. we will check back. today san francisco supervisors will consider two ammunition control proposals. the mayor and police chief announced legislation back in december. one measure requires gun dealers to call the police if anybody buys more than five hundred rounds of ammunition at one time. the other measure makes it illegal for nonpolice officers to have hollow point bullets. >> muni trains aren't cell phone friendly because when they go underground passengers loose their signal. this point muni doesn't provide service underground and the agency has no firm timeline for installing the necessary
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antennas. a spokesman said it's a service they would like to provide but it's not in the budget right now. they have asked cell phone providers to install the equipment free of charge but they haven't had any takers. >> no takers. let's go to sal. bay bridge, slow. >> it is slow. we do have a big back up there at the toll plaza. you can see it for yourself. westbound though it's not affected by crashes or stalled vehicles. we just have a lot of people trying to get in. that's a 25 minute delay before you get on to the span and then after that another ten to 15. you are look at the better part of an hour to get into san francisco if you count the whole thing. this is san francisco itself, northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. that looks good and no major problems. 880 we have the earlier crash, 880 southbound, that's on the shoulder, traffic is still busy. we have been looking at busy traffic in antioch as well on
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680 and pleasant hill and on 80 westbound in richmond. the good news is we haven't had a lot of major crashes or stalled vehicles. let's go to steve. >> thank you. pretty quiet pattern. number of people ask me sometime -- e-mail do you see any rain? i look out 15 days. i don't see much. even in to the first week much march. that doesn't mean it can't change but looks like next week will be sunny and warm and we will end february with back to back months of dry weather, breezy, cool, higher clouds, not much change tomorrow. little system on saturday and then warmer sunday and that may take us into early next week. a big old system. we had a little system, it was still good on tuesday, now it's gained energy and it's producing snow. just a little ripple in the jet stream with light snow up toward tahoe. had some light snow. also out of the northwest, enhancement of these clouds,
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mostly sunny. partly cloudy, there is that little guy. watch it down, not much. looks like most is about gone. 30s for some, it's cold, not as cold as yesterday. upper 20s, napa -- santa rosa has more of a north wind. 47 half moon bay. gust -- walnut creek 34, it's still cold. north wind oakland. some areas are calm. a lot of missing data here. nine miles an hour at santa rosa. that's what is holding them up but napa says calm. there is the system in the middle of the country. it's a whopper. it goes from the rockies to the northern plain to the deep south moving through texas and it'll mara cross the country producing a lot of very active weather. mostly sunny today. patchy, it's breezy out of the northwest. that went quick but the speed readers caught that. 50s and 60s, livermore should say 58, low 60's for many of
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these. still slightly below average, not much change friday, cooldown saturday and then sun and warmer weather sunday into monday. >> a marathon standoff ended in san diego county between a gunman and sheriff's deputies. the man was angry that his mother took out a restraining order and he barricaded himself in the family home. he shot and wounded two sheriff's deputies, they are expected to recover fully. early this morning the standoff ended tragically, the gunman shot and killed himself. >> across the board federal spending cuts kick in just eight days. how democrats, republicans and the president are all blaming each other for not resolving the issue. >> and a ripoff from the start. why that is what some officials are saying about an art project that's way over budget and way behind schedule.
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. cold for some under mostly clear skies, few high clouds, 30 to 40 and a mostly sunny days, highs in the upper 50s, low 60s, still slightly below average. >> time now 7:15. new details about a car bombing in siry. the death toll reportedly 53 now. more than 200 were wounded in that attack. it happened near the damascus headquarters of the ruling party not far from the russian embassy. and an air strike on a field hospital killed 18 in another city. china cyber spies are being accused of targeting newspapers, law firms and think tanks and most of the institutions of washington. that's according to the
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washington post. experts say cyber spies are going after information on how government officials make decisions, a united states security company said hackers linked to a secret military site in china have been targeting organizations around the world. china is denying it. other news, we have information about drone memos. the white house refusing to share with congress the legal opinions that they say justify targeted killings. again this information is coming in. we will have more details about these memos in a few. >> in a few hours democrats in washington are holding a hearing on automatic government spending cuts set to take effect next week. democrats and republicans are not compromising to avoid the
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cuts. they are busy pointing fingers. >> reporter: the president blames republicans for these automatic cuts known as sequestration. he said they aren't willing to negotiate but republicans say it was the president's idea in the first place. the president signed the budget control act into law in 2011. it mandated that congress come up with a deficit reduction plan or else automatic budget cuts would take effect. california senators voted for it. the head of the senate finance committee is a democrat and he admitted the president shares some of the blame. >> the president is part of the sequester. the white house recommended it frankly in august of 2011. now we are feeling the effects. >> reporter: when it comes to california members of congress they were split. representative spear and thompson voted for it.
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congressman honda, lee, and two others voted against it. how these cuts could affect you filing your taxes and your child's education when i see you next. live in washington. >> thank you. the palo alto arts commission said it won't pay $7,000 to the artist behind a public art project. the artist samuel gates who created the color of palo alto project agreed to a ten thousand project. for that he would take photographs of 18,000 properties in a single year. he has been paid 30,000 so far but 11 years later still hasn't brought the photographs. >> today is a last chance for you to tell bart how you want bart to fix up the san francisco bart station to look when they make it over. the art for bart commission is looking at possible changes to the 24th street station. community members you are invited to offer suggestions at
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today's meeting. it'll be held at the mission cultural center for latino arts. >> we continue now with our coverage of the blade runner murder case. even before it started today's bail hearing was turned upside down. we were in the courtroom for the proceeding and are live from outside the courthouse now in south africa. >> reporter: another strange twist in the already complicated case. this morning here it came out that the investigating officer who appeared on the stand yesterday was facing seven charges of attempted murder himself. now of course people questioned if he was a credible witness. the authority just announced he has been remove from the investigation, that he has been pulled off the case and that
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the lieutenant general, one of the most senior detectives in the country will take control of the case. real issues are on creditability and if -- if this would damage any of the state's case and they quickly are moving to limit any of that damage. >> can you talk a little about the defense argument on why the lawyers say he should receive bail? >> reporter: i was in court the whole day and it was absolutely rivetting stuff. it was particularly toward the end of today that we heard the state prosecutor really hammering in to the affidavit that oscar gave. he kept pointing out problems in that written statement saying that it doesn't make sense. let me give you an example. he said why was it that a gun and two cell phones were found in that bathroom on -- on a carpet, on a mat if -- if she
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had gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night as oscar says why would she take a cell phone with her? he said that the position of the bullets don't match up with his version of the story. he said he shot from outside the bathroom but the cartridges were found inside. another, why did he walk past the bed twice in -- in his version of events and not notice his girlfriend wasn't there? why was the gun holster on her received received the side of the bed? he said that oscar shows a total lack of insight into what he has done. >> i want to ask one more question. will the judge likely grant bail to him? >> reporter: we don't know yet. we still will hear the rest of the state prosecution's final
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arguments tomorrow action friday, we will then hear a response from the defense team and only then can they announce on if he should get bail and it's really hard to call. i would hate to try to do it. it could go either way. the magistrate is really as they say applying his mind to the specifics of the law, the very specific law of premeditated murder. which way he will go if oscar will be out of jail by the weekend unclear. we hope it'll be some final decision by friday. >> all right. joining us live from south africa. thank you. just a fascinating case. >> just today. >> yeah. our weather, looks like you can put away the umbrella. we are in the dry weather pattern. look out the window right now. will this continue for your weekend? steve paulson is coming back. he will tell you what the latest computer models are showing. > a amazing footage cam toured
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of an injured bald eagle rescue. how he is doing now. . >> a pretty good drive. slow traffic but not a lot of major crashes. more about what's happening now straight ahead.
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. this is a real ballot eagle. it's injured, got a broken leg after being hit by a car. these emergency crew members rescued it. it's since been treated by a vet and the vet said that the eagle is partly paralyzed but is stable now. >> a robbery case in sacramento that dates back to 1977 is now being investigated as a homicide. the man injured in that shooting walter johnson died this week from complications, 36 years after being wounded. the sacramento bee reports that johnson was attacked by three men on the way to his parent's
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house. homicide investigators have now take taken over the case. >> what are they doing in san jose? >> just seeing what downtown looks like. it looks good as we are looking at it right through here. we are having a good day around the corner. there will be slow traffic. the morning drive is going to be busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's steady and slow, act 25 to 30 minute delay. westbound 80 traffic is also busy. >> thank you. mostly clear out there. cold for some. cool for others, lows 32, fairfield and napa to 46sfo. band or two of clouds on the coast, also up in the sierra nevada. it'll be mostly sunny today, cool in the morning and then sunny this afternoon. highs upper 50s to low 60's, system in the valley, it's just about gone.
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livermore 36, concord 35, there is fairfield. napa32, sfo46 and san jose 47, they have a north breeze at the airport but for a few high clouds it all goes up and over. middle of t country just amazing. winter storm and everything will be east of us. 50s on the highs, low 60s. >> all right. thank you. breaking news we have been following for the past 45 minutes. a deadly shooting right on the las vegas strip. what we have learned about this rolling gun battle. >> and we are live in fairfield where an accused kidnapper and murder is set to be arraigned. we will have more on that case and details on a memorial for the victim. >> and major league baseball has reportedly set of guidelines for a possible move to san jose. we will have detailas and tell you how fans are reacting. that's when we turn. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ]
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] . it's 7:30. we are continuing to follow breaking news from the las vegas strip. just hours ago three people were killed in a gun battle between two cars setting off a chain reaction. these are pictures the scene at las vegas boulevard. police say people in a car and suv exchanged gun fire before
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the car crashed in to a taxi cab. the taxi cab burst into flames killing the driver and the passenger. the driver of the car was also killed. three other cars were involved in the wreck and there were other injuries. we have no word on a motive, what led up to the gun battle. coming up, we will get an update from las vegas. the man accused of killing a 13-year-old is scheduled to be in court just about an hour from now. brian flores is outside the courthouse with what is expected to happen during today's hearing. >> reporter: good morning. today is actually a continuation of arraignment hearing for the accused kidnapper anthony lamar jones. prosecutors said they had a thousand pages of evidence to go over. the hearing is expected to be brief. we may hear more details about the case.
7:34 am
prosecutors say jones could face the possibility of life or the death penalty if he is convicted of the accusations against him. jones is a accused of killing the 13-year-old girl. her body was found in the early morning hours at then wood park. police say jones was identified early on in the investigation but it's still not clear his motive or how he met the girl. he was a barber shelf was a foster child and she was going home from school in fairfield when she somehow crossed paths with jones. details on that are unclear but investigators say it appears jones acted alone. meantime its being report that jones's estranged wife had a restraining order against him. he also posted on a website that he was praying for a better 2013. meantime this afternoon there is a scheduled memorial service for the girl at 1:00 p.m. at the gravesite service.
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today's arraignment is scheduled for 8:30. jones is being held in jail without bail. we are live in fairfield. >> police say they raided a stolen car chop shop and we talked to a woman who said her stolen car was recovered in pieces. the chp was doing a routine check of the place. they found three stolen hondas and parts of a suv. this civic was stolen right in front of one of the victim's homes early christmas morning. almost two months later the police called and said her car had been found. >> the chop shop in pittsburgh. they told me it was a ring and that they -- they busted a couple of places. i was in disbelief. i was in shock. >> police say they arrested the owner of the shop, identified as a 43-year-old. the chp said even people who unknowingly buy a stolen car
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part will have that item taken and they will be out of the money they paid for to. investigators in sonoma want your help this morning in the search for two men who may be linked to the killings of three people. they want you to take a close look at the photographs of these two men. the camera at a chevron took the photographs shortly before the attack. investigators also released a picture of a ford ranger that the men may have been driving. sheriff's deputies want to question them act the deadly shootings of three people at a home earlier this month. the man from colorado is already in custody. investigators have linked the killings to a botched marijuana deal. >> a home invasion in santa cruz latest in a string of crimes to hit the city. police arrested this 28-year- old suspect but are still looking for his accomplice. they broke into a home around
7:37 am
4:30 yesterday morning. a couple inside said they woke up to find masked men, two masked men in their bedroom. one had a decorative sword he took from the home. >> the guy with the sword had me get out of bed. get on my knees, face the bed and put my hands behind my back. >> they were able to tackle one suspect and detain him until police arrived but the second one got away. he reportedly stole a mack book and game console. a five thousand dollar reward is being offered by uc santa cruz police to help catch a rapist. the police met last night with students and staff and announced a new program to provide nighttime security escorts. it's a response to the weekend assault of a woman walking on campus and last week's shooting of a student at a bus stop during a robbery. police have released two sketches of the suspects, on the left is the bus stop shooting suspect, on the right is the sexual assault suspect.
7:38 am
police don't believe the cases connected. >> campus police in san jose state university will soon be wearing cameras on their uniforms. oakland police officers already use them. university police say that the police department is recommending their officers keep the cameras turned on when they make contact with anyone. they say that video will give a record of the officer's actions and it'll be helpful if there is ever a claim filed. the university spent about $20,000 to buy 23 cameras. people now have more ways to report crimes and other suspicious activities. the police department is now taking online crime reports for minor thefts, fraud, identity theft, harassing phone calls and vandalism. the online system will allow for a quick analysis of the crime trends and help police know where to focus patrols. they started a tip line.
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>> after four years of waiting the oakland athletics moving plan is finally inching forward. the baseball commissioner's office is reportedly given them guidelines for a potential move to san jose. we are live with the major new development and the big league baseball battle between the a's and their neighbors across the bay. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we have been getting reaction to the development here and in oakland and online, on facebook. one viewer writing on my page that oakland doesn't have the money to keep or support the a's. we know that the a's owner does want to move this team from here, he wants to move south down to san jose and this development may make that happen. word of this guideline comes from the los angeles times and it would affect on how the process would move forward. the guidelines important because the a's have to find a place to build and a way to pay
7:40 am
for it but they must convince the league that it's a good idea because it's not happening without a vote by club owners. of course that's all because of the territorial battle between the a's and the giants. san jose belongs to the giants so for the a's to make it happen 75% of club owner who have to vote to approve the move and to take back the giant's territorial rights. the giants would still have the option to sue to block any project but obviously the owner vote is a huge and essential step in the process. >> just about -- team ownership. they feel they will -- they will be more profitable moving to another place. it's up to them. >> reporter: you think they should be allowed to go? >> sometimes they don't care about the fans, it's just business. >> reporter: what could be in the guidelines? there is no official word but it's likely the a's will have to show a successful formula to both build the park and make
7:41 am
money once it's done. not a lot of reaction from the involved parties. the mlb telling the la times that the committee continues to work hard on this very complex and complicated situation. we talked about it being four years already. we do know nothing is going to happen soon. in fact a proposal back in december from the a's owner to the coliseum in that he said the team won't move until 2017. no matter what happens on this effort to head to san jose. live in oakland. ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you. cal fans, don't seem to interested in luxury seats at memorial stadium. according to a quarterly report sales for the seating program have not kept up with projections. cal athletics expected all seats to be sold by june of this year for the new stadium. the first plan was to use the
7:42 am
funds to repay debt for retrofitting but now they are forced to find other sources of revenue. >> sal is back, what's happening on 880? >> it's doing pretty well and tori just read that story. i have a suggestion, start winning and then the seats will be sold. >> there is an idea. >> let's go -- as a cal alum -- never mind. northbound 880 as you drive past the coliseum the traffic will be a little bit slow but not all that bad as you drive up to the maze. no major problems as you drive through. the morning drive is going to be busy at the bay bridge. we had the earlier stalled vehicle on treasure island. the bridge does a good job in getting them out of the way but they showed the lights down to -- allow fewer cars on the bridge. that's created a bigger back up. 30 minutes now at toll plaza. this morning on 80 westbound. if you are driving to the fremont area from haywood it'll be slow.
7:43 am
we had earlier problems. the drive time is up to 25 minutes now. it was -- 15, then 25, now 25 here, to fremont. 7:40, let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have mostly clear skies, few high clouds, system move through the sierra nevada. small bit of snow. saturday morning we may get one weak system but it won't do much. mostly sunny, breezy and cold. mostly sunny and breezy this afternoon. starting cold or cool with a good breezy for some. that's a quick moving system. also once in a while see clouds going parallel to the coast. patchy low clouds, tuesday's low wrapped up into the middle of the country. i just saw a tweet from little rock are arkansas. severe thunderstorm warning ice storm warning. one hour. lot going on back there. that's -- because of the system that came through on tuesday. after that nothing. dry forecast. breezy to windy.
7:44 am
out of the northwest. there goes that system into -- the northern rockiess southern plains, you can see some of the systems come down but they loose a lot of fun . 30s on the temperatures, 41 san jose, north wind. napa32, san jose 37, half moon bay 47, gusts to about 30 miles an hour there. overall we look for mostly clear skies and mostly sunny. patchy low clouds, breezy out of the west northwest. temperatures though upper 50s or low 60's. we are running below average. not much of a difference, we should be around 60 to 66 degrees on some of the highs, it's running cooler especially on the coast and around the bay. no change really, one system saturday, watch it, i doubt it does much, then sunny and warmer sunday and monday. >> presidential stamp of approval. what the presidents may do to overturn proposition eight.
7:45 am
and there is a new development in the effort to get the new dream liner jet back in the air.
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7:47 am
. united states stocks continuing a two day slide on weak economic data. wal-mart though rising after beating profit expectations and safeway, the biggest gainer rising 6% due to higher gift and prepaid card revenue. taking a live look, the dow down 49, the nasdaq down 17, s and p down six. among the disappointing news, the number of americans filing for first time unemployment benefits jumped last week. the labor department reports
7:48 am
362,000 people put in, that's up 20,000 from the week before. analysts say the total number remains at a level that suggests slow but steady improvementments. and just checking right now. tesla stock is down almost 10%. 9.99% right now. the car maker reported a 75 million-dollar loss for the 4th quarter. after yesterday's closing bell. that was more than industry experts forecast. executives say they are still optimistic they will turn a small profit in to the current quarter. boeing said it has a plan to temporarily fix problems with the dream liner. they say executives will meet with the faa tomorrow. if the faa approves the idea dream liners could finally be back in the air. they have been grounded more than a month after two separate incidents with 787's batteries. investigators say they still haven't found the cause of the
7:49 am
battery problem. >> reports of white house may weigh in on california's battle over proposition 8. pam cook in the studio now to tell us how the president could affect the supreme court decision. >> reporter: we are hearing that the obama administration is considering urging the united states supreme court to overturn proposition 8 california's ban on same sex marriage. the administration has one week to file what is called a friend of the court brief with the supreme court. legal experts say while the court operates independently the president's opinion does carry weight with the justices. >> the president in his state of the union address or his inauguration address made a statement highley and aggressively in favor of same sex marriage i think. that is a pretty powerful statement. >> we are thrilled to have the president on board and hoping for the right outcome from the court. >> reporter: there is no official announcement from the
7:50 am
white house and ap is report that a senior official said that no decision has been made yet on whether or not to file that brief. critics argue that the presidents should not weigh in on a state matter but certainly the ruling on the ban on same sex marriage could set a precedent. the court is set to hear arguments on march 26th. >> new poll that says more than half of american citizens believe that most or all of the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants should be deported. that's according to a new poll. 30% of those polled think that most illegal immigrant is be deported while 23% say all of them should be deported. only 5% believe that all of them should be allowed to stay in the united states legally. 31% believe that most should be allowed to stay. in the little more than three hours right now illinois convicted murderer drew
7:51 am
peterson is expected to find out his fate. a judge will first rule on if they will grant his request for a new trial. he is a former police officer found guilty of killing his third wife. he is also expected in the disappearance of his 4th wife. if the judge denies the motion he could get up to 60 years in jail. >> breaking news from las vegas. three people were killed in a deadly gun battle on the bass investigate as strip just hours ago. the shooting led to a fiery crash that's shut down flamingo and las vegas boulevard. dave lawrence is live from the scene with a look at what's happening and the search for a car that left the scene. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, black suv is now the focus of the investigation as las vegas metro has put out this description of a black range refer sport with dark tinted do yous.
7:52 am
this suv had large black rims and the most known feature is it had car dealer plates and they weren't from nevada. that's the focus of this search and las vegas metro, they say they are searching the city to see if they can find this suv. again this happened at 4:20 so that vehicle could be anywhere. three dead according to this. police have now said they believe that the black suv was maybe targeting the other car. the other car driver along the vegas strip across the street, that driver is dead. one passenger from that car did survive that shooting and crash. as a result of the shooting, they apparently rolled through a red light at las vegas boulevard and a taxi cab got involved in the crash and burst into flames. that driver of the taxi is now dead and one passenger from that vehicle also dead here at
7:53 am
the scene. this -- all very early in the investigation but police are continuing to investigate and they just released this surveillance -- this suspect vehicle information and are reviewing surveillance tapes because obviously the boulevard certainly a lot of cameras pointed at that. they will get hopefully more concrete description of the driver of that vehicle and also if there were any passengers inside. but right now the search is on for that range rover. so we will have a las vegas strip shut down for much of the day. they say it'll be until sun down before they wrap up their investigation. >> that is a long time. i was going to ask. how this investigation is impacting the city, does that impact the hotels there, decrease the number of tourists and any word on what prompted this gun fire? >> no motive yet or -- any reason for this gun fire. they haven't had any details on that quite yet. this will cripple the las vegas
7:54 am
strip because it's shut down a half mile in each direction, in all directions along the strip. i did talk to one man who was headed to kansas city but flight was canceled because of the snowstorm so a lot of people may not need to get around because a lot of flights canceled because of the snowstorm in the midwest. certainly it's going to cripple traffic for cabs and tourists because a lot is shut off. >> thank you. dave lawrence live from las vegas. they are looking for the other car. >> it's known as molly. why an illegal club drug is now popular among teens. >> and why a yoga class is raising legal questions about the separation of church and state. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
7:55 am
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. it's a drug called molly and some say the pop culture and music are luring in new users. >> how many have seen molly? >> it's a nickname for a drug known for giving users a feeling of euphoria. it's the same as the drug ectasy. a manager said more teens, even middle schoolers at their outpatient center say they have tried it in the last three months. >> you heard all the issues, you know coming out of different san francisco and -- so we are worried it'll move toward that because it's so popular and there is not a lot of studies about the negative effects. >> the fact that it's cheap, costing between five and $20 a pill also makes it more attractive but side effects can
7:58 am
include confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug cravings and stress. if you have an idea for a special report for us, e-mail us. send your tip to i-report at >> a family in san diego county is suing to stop their school district from offering yoga to students. the lawsuit claim that the yoga classes are religious and violate separation of church and state. the school said they are teaching fitness, not religion. the program that is funded by a grant started last month and the district said most parents believe it is helping reduce student stress. >> it happened just a couple minutes ago. a new bomb shell in the case of the blade runner charged with murder. why there is a new chief investigator. >> from the boat to the plate, somewhere along the line your seafood may be getting swapped for a lesser quality. we will tell you what a new
7:59 am
study reveals. >> we he are live many san jose where there is a growing homeless tent city building at the san jose airport. we will tell you what the city plans to do about it and how much it's going to cost when we continue. t whatever you wan, baby.
8:00 am
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. good morning. >> topping our news for you this hour, new developments in the murder case of oscar pistorius. police named a new investigator to lead the investigation after the first one was linked to an attempted murder charge. in the meantime the bail hearing will resume tomorrow. the judge is expected to announce if he will grant him bail. the defense is a ceusing prosecutors of misrepresenting their case. the defense said there are no witnesses and that neighbors who claim they heard screaming between the couple live a quarter of a mile away. >> he is not a violent person. he is a peace maker. he is -- always been a peace
8:02 am
maker. >> now prosecutors accuse him as they call him someone who is prone to violence who tried to kill -- who fired to kill that night. the prosecution has been on damage control ever since the lead investigator was dismiss from the case. he is now facing attempted murder charges in a case where he and two other officers are accused of firing at a bus taxi in 2011. >> new this morning, an investigation shows many seafood lovers are victims of fraud. we are live in san francisco with the costly deception at some restaurants and grocery stores. >> reporter: good morning. musliming seafood in order to make more money is illegal but in many cases the fish you are eating may not necessarily be what they say it is. this is a cording to a new study done by the oceana group. it's a nonprofit group that found one out of three times you aren't getting what you paid for. volunteers use dna testing kits on more man 1200 fish from 700 retail outlets, restaurants, grocery stores and sushi bars
8:03 am
between 2010 and 2012. researchers found that a third of seafood sold nationwide and 40% of the fish bought here in northern california can was not what it was labeled as. >> some of the seafood substitutions we found in our study were a less expensive, cheaper fish was swapped out for something like talipa for red snapper, catfish for grouper. >> reporter: they didn't reveal the locations of exactly where the seafood was sold but said restaurants were the biggest offender selling miss identified fish nearly 60% of the time. that's as opposed to grocery stores where it happened much less than that. one ofs things revealed was that some restaurants were putting shark meat into fish tacos, they often contain high levels of mercury which is linked to birth defects. when it comes to salmon you can rest easy, only 6% of the
8:04 am
salmon samples collected in northern california were miss branded. how does seafood fraud happen? a lot of times it could start at the boat. they aren't exactly sure but the people who launched this study hope that it leads to tighter restrictions, more inspections on seafood coming into the united states. we have 90% of the seafood that's imported. >> we are also following overnight news from berkeley. a reported barricade situation appears to have been a false alarm. swat teams rushed to a home about 7:00 last night. police immediately closed down the streets. they were getting reports of a manholed up inside a house. several neighbors even said they heard gun fire. police left the scene about midnight after concluding nobody was inside the house. it's still not clear what caused all the confusion. >> city leaders in san jose appear ready to move in on a
8:05 am
growing tent city. more than 100 people now live in the homeless camp not far from the san jose airport. we just spoke to one of the city officials. >> reporter: it was a city councilman. he said he has been out to visit several times. he said each time he comes out the number of tents just keeps growing. you can see a group of tents around a tree but if you keep going across this grassy field you keep seeing more and more. then even across the street -- [inaudible] the biggest but the most [inaudible] camp. the housing department said because this tent city is growing at such a rapid pace over the past couple months it needs to be cleared out as soon as possible. city officials say they are turning into a campground and by keeping here they don't want to make other homeless people feel like they can set up a tent too. the clean up is scheduled the
8:06 am
week of march 4th. its going to cost about $40,000 and happen over a two day period. the councilmember said there is nothing stopping the homeless from moving back in. they hope to hire some park rangers to help control the population. but one woman who drives by each morning said her opinion. >> i think it's very sad. i think if anything why don't they donate some portapotties, maybe if it bothers people to see them out here get fencing companies that would be willing to donate their time and fencing if that's what it'll take. these people aren't hurting anybody. they are keeping it clean. they are down and out. >> reporter: now there was a clean up crew out here about an hour ago this morning collecting trash bags left by the homeless that were piling up. the city started handing out trash bags to them here and spreading the word at the camp about the clean up. because this land is so close to the airport and it's owned
8:07 am
by the city nothing will ever be built here, only a park possibly. this has become a big problem for the city since it's open space. the city councilman i spoke to said that they are trying to come up with a long term solution quickly which would most likely be permanent housing but that is going to be costly. he hopes to reveal a plan in the coming weeks on how to solve this problem. reporting live from san jose. the health department is looking atwater at a hotel where a body was found. it was found inside a water tank on top of the hotel on tuesday. that tank is one of four that provides tap water for the hotel. >> makes you feel sick. physically sick but -- more than that you feel sick logical, you think about it and it's not good. >> there is no word of anyone
8:08 am
getting sick from the water. the water was initially deemed safe but now there is a no drinker order in place until the tests are done. investigators are still trying to find if she was the victim of a homicide. this video released last week by los angeles police show her in an -- the elevator of the hotel. it shows her acting strange, stepping in and out of the elevator and pressing buttons, she was traveling through southern california alone. she was headed to santa cruz. >> today sonoma county supervisors will consider adding flouride to the drinking water. the county health officials support adding flouride. they point to a dental health crisis among children especially those from low income families. critics however say that it could cause health problems. five people were killed last night after a small jet
8:09 am
ran off aaronway and crashed in eastern georgia. it happened at an airport about 30 miles west of augusta georgia. the jet had taken off from nashville. right now there is still no word on the cause can of the crash can. >> the price tag could soon cost a bit more to take the picture ferry ride to watch the giants play ball. the transportation district and are considering a two dollar sur charge on tickets bought online and overo the phone for ferry rides that go directly to at&t park. the one way ferry currently costs nine dollars a ticket. public hearing on the hike is set for march 7th. >> let's go to sal. just had a crash in fremont. >> yeah. new injury crash. someone is complaining of neck pain there. doesn't sound like they are life threatening injuries. it's an injury crash there, in fremont. now i want to -- you can seat yellow indication there next to
8:10 am
the fremont name. that's northbound but southbound the drive direction. we have some slow traffic here at 27 minutes. it could go up. northbound -- southbound slow from 238. let me just be clear. i think i confused you. southbound traffic is slow toward fremont. northbound here in oako land is slow getting up to downtown oakland. there you have it. when you get to the toll plaza you will see a back up of 25 minutes. it's getting better. it's starting to move. the middle lanes were not moving but now asset improvement. there was an earlier stall. still holding steady. normal for this time of the morning. let's go to steve. >> thank you. wow. twitter is just going with that big storm. all sorts of reports of snow and stuff. same system on tuesday but it's
8:11 am
long gone. its gone fast. not over us. i have been looking up 7, 10, 15 days. weak system saturday. next week looking sunny and warmer. there goes the power house and -- as it moves out in to the rockies and northern plains. you can see some clouds, it's close so mostly sunny could turn mostly cloudy quick. overall it's mainly a dry pattern. 30s, 40s. some area its the breeze held up temperatures, napa32. yesterday was cold but for some areas it's cold, we were in the upper 20s yesterday. change there, the breeze helps, higher moisture content as well. some patchy low clouds, speaking of that, and -- now there is radar data. severe thunderstorm warning
8:12 am
little rock arkansas along with an ice storm warning. lots of snow on the back side of that, severe weather, all the way down into the deep south. this is a big weather maker for us. lots of sun. clowe warming, little bit. upper 50s, low 60s. not much change. heard from chlo, e28 degrees there. it's cold for some. slightly be lue average. brandt, livermore. also northwest breeze not warmer, 62, san jose, lot of 50s or 60s. could be light rain and then fall as part and then sun and warmer weather. >> thank you. a follow up to a story we told you about yesterday. the bay area appears out of the running to bid for the 2024
8:13 am
summer olympics. we reported that the committee contacted the mayors of 35 cities including san francisco and san jose about hosting the games. san jose mayor said that the city cannot afford the billions of dollars to stage the event or even the ten million dollars to put in a bid. san francisco mayor said that he is focused on the america's cup and competing for the super bowl. the new designs for the proposed warriors arena on the waterfront should be completed by the end of april. the warriors have spent the past few months fine tuning the final blueprints for the 17,000 seat arena near pier30. the warriors say the project is still on track to have it open in the fall of 2017. >> they are preparing down in hollywood for the movie world's biggest night. the academy awards this weekend. the workers are busy. look at them laying out the red carpet. this is outside the dolby theater.
8:14 am
that's no small job. that red carpet, 40,000 square feet takes about 600 man hours to put it in. the academy awards is this sunday night. >> all right. it's a weekend brawl in san francisco caught on tape. where it happened and why it's sparking a larger conversation about safety in that area. >> i'm getting moving right now. >> you tell them. how big bird is helping the first lady to promote physical fitness. you can't move the tv there.
8:15 am
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. kansas city, arkansas, they are declaring states of emergency for a winter storm. us, sun, mild conditions. >> time just about 8:15 and three hours right now democrats in washington will be holding a hearing on the across the board automatic government spending cuts that are due to take effect next friday. as we report -- more than just federal workers would be hurt by the cuts. >> reporter: teachers in washington saying schools would be hurt by the cuts which are scheduled to kick in next friday. funding would be cut for before and after school programs, 70,000 kids enrolled in head start could be kicked out. thousands of teachers could loose their jobs and college students stand to loose
8:18 am
financial aid. another federal refunded group facing cuts is the irs. it would force them to cut back during the busy tax filing season meaning fewer irs operators taking your calls and office hours would reduce. if you need to fly for work or vacation the number of tsa workers would be slashed, the head of homeland security expects another hour to be tacked onto your wait time in security lines. another warning comes from the cdc. it said vaccines would be cut back for 50,000 kids and adults. it could be avoided if congress agrees to a long term standing plan with a deficit reduction but right now democrats are interested in raising taxes and republicans refuse to sign on. live in washington. ktvu channel 2news. >> a northern california air force base is cutting costs. beale air force base in yuba
8:19 am
county is eliminating a squadron that works on hawk drones. 200 who fly them every day will loose their jobs by september. officials say the local community's economy will feel a loss of about $11 million a year. we are feeling the fall out from the fiscal cliff battle. at least three dozen tax forms still need government approval. though the standard forms that most use are ready. however the irs is still asking tax identitiers wait patiently for your refund, should come with in three weeks of you filing. taxpayer is check refunds online but if you call the best times are late afternoon or late in the week. >> first lady is teaming up with big bird as part of her effort to promote healthy eating and physical fitness. >> no matter what your age it's important to get your body moving every single day to help keep you healthy. >> look, i'm getting moving
8:20 am
right now by jogging. >> the first lady and big bird are appearing together in two announcements. . the first lady is also traveling around this week and next appearing on tv shows. a ktvu field poll shows the governor is enjoying his highest approval rating since being elected two years ago. the poll found 57% of the california voters surveyed approve of brown's job. 31% say that they do not. the same poll found 48% of voters think the state is heading in the right direction and that's the highest percent in five-years. however, 42% think the state is heading in the wrong direction. >> four people were arrested, two police officers were hurt after a weekend fight in san francisco and it was all caught on tape. >> big brawl.
8:21 am
huge brawl. call the cops, call it. call the cops. >> this is just some of the video of several fights broke out in the parking lot on broadway in north beach. it took more than an hour to break this up. drunken fights and vandalism, they are not anything unusual in this area. that could be due to under staffing by the police and one resident said he saw it happen. >> these were folks that were very drunk, that were pushed out from the clubs, they were mingling. >> this didn't continues to highlight the need for more patrolling. >> despite tougher regular layings for party promoters at nightclubs the problem still happens. san francisco police say they know about the issue, they are working to make this area safer. you won't be seeing new bars opening up in walnut creek this year. police chief said that the police department will not grant permission for new alcohol permits because there is a shortage of police
8:22 am
officers. the police chief said it'll be reconsidered next year. that's what police staffing levels may improve. >> unqualified teachers in the classroom? the number of teachers in california public schools in charge of classes they are not licensed to teach. >> and look out the window at the weather. that's a live picture. the mostly blue skies. how long we can enjoy the sun. . >> good morning. traffic is moving along well on westbound 24. we will tell you more about the morning drive including a new problem.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
. welcome back. time 8:22. this month santa clara based invidia will mark it's 20th anniversary. the company revealed plans for new and future looking headquarters. check this out. construction on the first 500,000 square foot building will start in june. it'll eventually be matched by a building that's the same but inverted on the land near the current head quarters on walsh avenue. they aren't saying when the work will start. >> according to the bay citizen public schools have assigned thousands of teachers to classes they aren't licensed to teach. more than 32,000 teachers were not licensed for the classes
8:26 am
they taught from 2007 through 2011. the result is teachers assigned to contracts they aren't qualified for or interested in teaching the problem is greater at low preforming schools which have more low income students. now we are looking at the governor's new funding plan for california schools which could help the problem. the governor's new plan gives more money to schools where there are large numbers of low income students and english language learns. in explaning his plan he said that it's controversial but it's right and it's fair. if you want to see the list go to and scroll down to hot topics. >> all right. come on back sal, its been an interesting traffic morning. everybody behaving now? >> with very a new crash that just popped up. it was reported eastbound highway 4. that's in antioch just outside of pittsburgh. we have some reports it was
8:27 am
westbound but it's eastbound. traffic -- chp says it's eastbound. traffic is very heavy in this area on highway four and pretty much in both directions, especially in the westbound direction. as you move the maps to fremont we have had a couple of crashes northbound 880 but southbound that's where the real mess is. it's backed up for pretty long delay southbound as you drive from 238. let's go out and take a look at live pictures. that's backed up for a 20 minute delay. we are getting the improvement here at the bay bridge. not much. still a good 20 minutes before you make it on to the bridge and the morning drive looks good. a nice drive. it's 8:25. let's go to steve. >> all right. thank you. temperatures, 30s, 40s, in fact fairfield, travis went from 32 to 44 in one hour because the north wind kicked in. had a nice tweet from patrick in redwood shores, said it's sunny but the breeze cuts through you. it'll. mostly sunny, breezy and medications?
8:28 am
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